There has been regular communication between Mr Eric Hill (III) (Grandson of Radio Officer Hill London Valour)and the group of us that went out to Genoa in 2010. We were hopeing to return in 2020 but alas the Covid situation put a stopper on plans. Denise Dardani from the British […]

London Valour Commemoration 2023

As always we are greatful to Eric Hill for keeping us informed of what is happening or planned.Received recently…… “Eric I cannot believe that 2 years have elapsed since our last communication. I’m writing to inform youthat the present Admiral Liardo is planning to commemorate the London Valour on Wednesday […]

News London Valour Memorial

Plenty of whats happening in the shipping world…lots to read. A Happy & Heathy New Year Shipmates, Please see that The Pulse #01 of 2023 has been published on our website at:- MERCHANT NAVY DAY COMMEMORATIVE SERVICEFor those of you planning ahead, Merchant Navy Day Commemorative Service at Trinity […]

Shipping News From The Merchant Navy Association

Eric Hill, who is the grandson of ‘Eric Hill’ Radio Officer who died tragically on the ‘London Valour’ and who is our principal contact and organiser for the remembrance of the London Valour.Sent me some photo’s recently.

Many thanks Eric,

It is now some 25 years since our shipping company was sold – November/December 1997.How time has passed on, many of our shipmates have died in that 25 years, most we are told about andin many cases I and many others try a pay a tribute by attending or sending […]

A Merry Christmas & Healthy New Year

This was taken around September/October 1970……As to the second one, this was on the beach at Cape Lopez fifty miles South of the Equator, taken around the same time…. L – R Harry Pearson C/E, William Skornick 5/E, Q? Deck Cadet, Brian Blackshaw 2/E, Andy Sinclair 3/O, Lance Dargue Electrician, […]

Happy Times From Phil Loades (Ex Jnr/Eng)

In serious need of some R&R…. Connie and I had a nice week away in Jersey last week.Some 40 years since we last visited….(On a Motorbike) – all very good, however everything is much more expensive thanhere on the mainland. Whilst there we met up on several occasions with one […]

A Good Meet Up With Jonathan P

Brian John BLACKSHAW Passed away peacefully at Stubby Leas Care Home on 13th August 2022, aged 88 years.Most precious and loved husband of Marion ‘Trish’. Father of David, Gavin and Peter, much loved grandfather of Beverley, Abigayle, Daniel, Brian-Conner and Charlotte.Brian’s lovely smile and twinkling eyes will be missed by […]

Brian Blackshaw Update

My thanks to Don Dunlop, who informs that Brian Blackshaw has passed away.I have no other details at present and will try to find out more in the next couple of days.I sailed with Brian both terms pre-redundancy and again post redundancy.I and many sailed with both Brian and his […]

Obituary – Brian Blackshaw 2nd/Eng