News London Valour Memorial

As always we are greatful to Eric Hill for keeping us informed of what is happening or planned.
Received recently……

“Eric I cannot believe that 2 years have elapsed since our last communication. I’m writing to inform you
that the present Admiral Liardo is planning to commemorate the London Valour on Wednesday 12 or
Thursday 13 April, given that Easter falls exactly on 9th.
They are awaiting a confirmation as to the venue which will probably be in the Ducal Palace,
(hence the two dates).

I‘ve had communication from Denise in Genova who advises that the Admiral of the Port is keen to have a
commemoration this year now that we have passed through the lockdowns that hampered the last few years.

I have copied her communication below as I know she would be very happy to see as many as possible attend
any events planned.

Please inform those concerned on your side and let me know if they are interested in participating, seeing that
all our organisation in 2021 was aborted by the Covid epidemic.
The Admiral was very sorry and regretted the enforced cancellation as they have a very strong attachment to the
whole episode in Genoa, loss of lives and salvage of the LV.

I hope to see you this year as time is flying by and we’re not getting any younger.
My best regards to you and your family.


I’m happy to be the point of contact with Denise, and I’m looking at my availability to make it across. 

Kind regards


RG Note – if anyone want to contact Eric, I am happy to pass on your details.