LOF Pension Scheme

The London & Overseas Freighters – Ships Officers Retirement & Death Benefit Plan

Disclaimer: This article & extracts have been written at the request of several Ex LOF Personnel. I, F. Roy Gerstner take no responsibility for any errors that might occur in this article.

Ladies & Gentlemen.

At the request of numerous Ex LOF Personnel, inquiring if they are still entitled to the LOF (None contributory Pension Plan).

The Retirement & Death Benefit plan, ran from 1948 through to 1978, during this period the company ‘LOF’ made payments to the Standard Life Assurance Company, through Noble Lowndes Lambert Benefits Division of Lowndes Lambert Group Ltd. There were no costs to the individual officer.

Dependant on circumstances, many Officers, who left either LOF, or the Merchant Navy, with less than 5 years service, could have the option of taking their benefits as a cash sum.

Those who remained in the LOF & Merchant Navy/MNOPF with more than 5 years continuous service have deferred pension rights.

On winding up the LOF Pension Plan (At around the time of the MNOPF New Section Fund), the LOF Management, made the Pension Plan as ‘Paid Up’, they contributed a lump sum to Standard Life, to guarantee and administer the ‘Plan’ – what ever happened to LOF in the future, as was/is the case at present with LOF being taken over or amalgamated into ‘Frontline’.

Anyone with an entitlement to the LOF Pension Plan (Scheme Number 40336) would have a certificate (With Number).

Within this article are the rules, and examples of certificates that an individual would require to produce in order to obtain the active or deferred benefits.

All contact addresses are also contained, and although I have made many enquiries on behalf of individuals in the past, I am not qualified to do so and therefore would advise to contact the Pension Administrators direct (Standard Life) with as much information as possible, if you think you have claim.

Standard Life contact details are :

Standard Life
30 Lothian Road
T: 0131 225 2552

These details are correct at 23-04-2010

Roy Gerstner (Updated April 2010)


Example administration documents:

The London & Overseas Freighters Ships Officers Retirement & Death Benefit Plan