London Valour Commemoration 2023

There has been regular communication between Mr Eric Hill (III) (Grandson of Radio Officer Hill London Valour)
and the group of us that went out to Genoa in 2010.

We were hopeing to return in 2020 but alas the Covid situation put a stopper on plans.

Denise Dardani from the British Consulate in Genoa has also being keeping in regular contact with the group.

It is very unfortunate that since 2010 a few of the group have passed away, including Robert (Bob) Kitchener.
More recently (October 2022) John (Jack) Bell also passed away.

I was fortunate to have been visited by Jack in 2021 and he was in good health at that time.

Many of us have mobility issues which makes the jouney challenging to say the least.
I am aware that Mr Nicholas Mavroleon will be attending the ceremony this year, I have no direct contact with Mr Nick.

Eric Hill tells me. For me personally it’s been an amazing journey from a family story, meeting Bob and Meurig at
the LOF get together in Leicester, the chance meeting with Alice (from Genova) on her powerboat course in St Andrews
which led my contact with Denise (Consulate in Genova) to finding the Ship’s Bell and that amazing few days in
Genova in 2010.

Every year the Maritime Community of Genoa hold a very ‘surreal’ event on/around the date that the London Valour
was lost.
Our now friend Denise – contract ends in 2026 and I hope that we at least get some annual contact and communication.

My message to Denise and the group recently….

I am very humbled to be part of this small group.

Likewise, I feel somewhat guilty that due to my moderate challenging walking ability, not only would it be
somewhat stressful and demanding I don’t like to have to rely on others to help me.

I will do my best to keep the LOF-News updated and wish those who are able to attend this poignant remembrance.

Robert (Bob) Kitchener (l), myself – Valour Ships Bell which is kept at the Cathederal in Genoa
Jack (John) Bell and Myself September 2021
One of a very few colour photographs of the Valour
I have not published photographs before in respect of those who suffered and died at the incident.


I do have many more photographs of the unfolding of events on the 9th April 1970

Also have the complete transcript – minute by minute of Telex messages exchanged between the Ships Agents
and LOF @ Balfour Place, again it is a very surreal experience, reading through the event unfolding.

Today 26th March I’ve just had a good conversation with Norris Jackson, who is now 90 years young and still spending
a lot of time in his workshop.

If by chance Mr Nicolas Mavroleon reads this web-blog can he please contact me.

[email protected]

Roy G….