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May 2007 – Various Company Documents

April 2007 – Radio Officers Last Stop

Radio Officers Last Stop

Radio Officers Last Stop

April 2007 – London Splendour 66 Arrest Warrant Newfoundland

London Splendour 1966 Arrest Warrant

London Splendour 1966 Arrest Warrant

April 2007 – Marconi Valve Advert

Marconi Valves

Marconi Valves

February 2007 – Radio Room Clocks

February 2007 – The Kings Reach (Counties Ship named after this area)

The Kings Reach

The Kings Reach

February 2007 – Dennis Grimsby Rich Cadet


January 2007 – Various

December 2006 – LOF B&B South Africa 2006



November 2006 – Crossing The Line 1957 – John Hartley



October 2006 – Various

September 2006 – Various

A short deliverance from Alan Shard (Canada). Seen on a wall in Alexandria 1942.

He grabbed me by my slender neck
I could not shout or scream
He took me to his dingy room
Where we could not be seen
He tore from me my flimsy wrap
And gazed upon my form
I was so small, so cold, so damp
He was so big and warm
He pressed his fevered lips to mine
I could not make him stop
He took from me my very soul
He drank my every drop
He made me what I am today
Thats why you find me here
An empty bottle thrown away
That once was filled with beer!


September 2006 – Favourite Drinks

June 2006 – Various Company Documents

May 2006 – The Hotel George & Merchant Navy Hotel London

The LOF Personnel Department would use the Hotel George located at Templeton Place Earls Court London, during the 70’s and 80’s for officers who needed to spend overnight in London prior to catching flights out of Heathrow or Gatwick. During this era, there were not as many regional airports or connecting flights. If the Personnel Department needed to gather a group of officers to travel together, they would organise that they would meet up at the Hotel George and would then all catch the same flight out of the UK, to be collected at the arrival end by the Ships Agent, this was supposed to keep everyone together and presumably the Company could block book the flight tickets!

On occasions when an individual was joining a ship and there were no suitable connections, he would have to travel by Train (remember rail warrants!) to London and stay overnight at the Hotel George, sometimes calling in at the Balfour Place Office to collect ships mail. The hotel is now called the K + K Hotel George – London and has ‘expanded’ to 1 – 15 Templeton Place London SW5 9NB and is given a 4 Star rating!. The hotel information is comprehensive if an internet search is done for K + K Hotel George. At other times the Personnel Department would use the Merchant Navy Hotel located at Lancaster Gate, this was sold in 2002 by the charitable owners for a sum of £5 Million UKP, the M.N. Hotel has been developed into luxury flats. The Trustees of the Merchant Navy Welfare Board said that the proceeds would bolster the coffers of its hardship fund. The property developers are Hong Kong based. The complex along Lancaster Gate takes in the Football Association’s nearby headquarters and a hotel run by the Transport & General Workers Union. (Researched by Roy Gerstner April 2006).

December 2005 – John Bond

I was interested in your news of Bill Jaeger, I was 3rd mate on the London Loyalty in 1956 and Bill was Mate and the Skipper was Capt William Williamson, the interesting thing was that all three of us came from Worthing.

November 2005 – LOF Restaurant Review

Link to the original review article here.