A Merry Christmas & Healthy New Year

It is now some 25 years since our shipping company was sold – November/December 1997.
How time has passed on, many of our shipmates have died in that 25 years, most we are told about and
in many cases I and many others try a pay a tribute by attending or sending a wreath for their funeral.

I am not in the UK at present – both Connie & I come out to the far east in order she can see her family.
Our Christmas greetings to you all is from the lovely Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang Malaysia.
A wonderful colonial hotel full of history.

For those of you who sent us christmas cards – thank you – but apologies if you did not receive one back.

We hope and wish all our LOF friends a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
Stay Safe.

Roy & Connie G…..