This LOF Website is 10 years old, most of the history of the company is available on this site, sometimes however a new piece of history emerges, which I am very grateful to those who try and keep history and facts together.

Two very successful Reunions in Leicester saw many old shipmates and friends re-united.

This LOF-News Website with memories, friends, shipmates, photographs, trivia, parties, latest news and much more. From the very humble beginnings of this project in February 2004, a major archive of LOF history, its origins at Counties Ship Management. Charting the highs and lows of one of the major relatively independent UK shipping companies, from the 1950’s through to the sale/amalgamation in 1997 excellent progress is being maintained. The full history is available on this website.

We have now surpassed well over 200,000 ‘visitors’ and this is a motivation for me to continue to try and keep the LOF Flag flying.

There are a great number of other Ex UK Shipping Company Websites, and some tribute is required as at times we exchange information.

A number of our own group are in the process or have completed their own seagoing histories and I look forward to promoting these in the future.

LOF – London & Overseas Freighters, along with its associated companies was primarily based at Balfour Place near Park Lane London UK for most of the era, although some of the vessels were registered outside of the UK and a few flew foreign flags, but the majority flew the Red Ensign.

The LOF name was synonymous for high calibre, hard working Officers, Crew and Office Support Staff, the company was very highly ranked within the chartering and insurance trades. During its zenith, LOF owned, managed and manned some 30+ vessels and employed nearly 800 mainly British/UK Officers. For most of these Officers – even those who only passed through briefly, have in general some very good memories of their LOF days. I am regularly contacted by ex LOF staff who to this day speak with affection of their time in the company.

The Officers, the Staff & Crew thought very highly of the Company and its Management, and this ‘Family’ Management can be partly attributed to Mr. E. A. Mackenzie (Mac) Fleet Superintendent/Director, Mr. Noris Jackson and his successors. Their legacy remains to this day, with a number of very successful Ex-LOF Personnel in senior positions throughout the shipping and shore based industry.

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