Happy Times From Phil Loades (Ex Jnr/Eng)

This was taken around September/October 1970……
As to the second one, this was on the beach at Cape Lopez fifty miles South of the Equator, taken around the same time….

L – R Harry Pearson C/E, William Skornick 5/E, Q? Deck Cadet, Brian Blackshaw 2/E, Andy Sinclair 3/O, Lance Dargue Electrician, then five along John Blair 2/O then two along Bill Millard who was promoted to 3/E on this trip, and again yours truly with the guitar ……

The other people are the workers and families of the oil refinery …( French ELF ) I think….

Richard Jenes Ch/O I hope I have spelt his name correctly known as ‘ Tricky Dicky ‘

Harry Pearson Ch/E sailing as motor third…….

Sam Murtagh Ch/Steward

James Peter ‘ Paddy ‘ Urell Senior 4th Engineer

Brian Blackshaw 2/E

Yours truly 5/E Phil Loades…..With his back to the camera……

The photograph was taken by Roland Sisterson Ch/Engineer