It is with as usual sad news to announce another one of our ship mates passing away. Dick Cunningham was born 31st December 1941. He like myself, trained initially as a Radio Officer and came to LOF via Mavroleon Bros. Like myself he retrained and became an E&OE in LOF […]

Richard (Dick) Cunningham – Passed Away

Sorry to hear that Dick is none too good. Not quite sure of issue…. I sailed with Dick many times, he was originally a Radio Officer with Mavroleon Bros in the early 70’s and transferred over to LOF. Obtaining further qualifications Dick became an E&EO (Electronics and Electrical Officer) Although […]

Richard (Dick) Cunningham

I have been asked how the ‘website’ works/financed. – see About and dropdown sponsors. The website is run through a professional webhost ‘Strato’ based in Germany. This gives a reliable stable base. Originally the website was with a UK company ‘Lycos’ but they sold off to Strato in 2009 and […]

Website – Financed!

 I sailed with ‘Rolly’ Sisterson (Pud to some of his friends) twice in LOF, on both occasions he organised many ‘social’ events, sometimes who build a make shift Swimming Pool out of dunnage and scrap for everyone to enjoy. We were stuck in the Persian Gulf for over 2 months in the heat, but to […]

Happy memories of Rolly Sisterson + Photo

I have enjoyed the last 16+ years since producing a simple but expensive printed Christmas News-Letter in 1998 (The year after LOF was sold). The website has ‘found’ a large number of ex employees ranging from the late 1930’s through to the last employee in 1997. At times can be […]

A Happy New Year 2015