Richard (Dick) Cunningham – Passed Away

It is with as usual sad news to announce another one of our ship mates passing away.
Dick Cunningham was born 31st December 1941.
He like myself, trained initially as a Radio Officer and came to LOF via Mavroleon Bros.
Like myself he retrained and became an E&OE in LOF (Electrical & Electronics Officer).
(I was not an E&EO in LOF) he remained with LOF until the sell off in 1997/8.


Stuart Booth (l) Dick Cunningham (r)





He briefly went to sea with a couple of foreign flag companies.
He retired from the sea and enjoyed a number of years in his adopted ‘Seaton Carow’ near Hartepool.
He and wife Mary moved once about 3 doors from their original house.
Surprisingly Dick was a very private person, unlike his ‘party mode’ at sea?
He suffered a stroke about 6 years ago and never fully recovered, although mentally alert.
I offered to visit him, but he said ‘wait until I’m better’
Dick died in July and had a private family funeral, Mary will be taking his remains back to Eire.
Brian Nicholls (l) DC (r)

Dick and I sailed together on many occasions and he and I enjoyed each other company.

Dick Cunningham – RIP – I hope they have a good supply of Four Bells rum up in heaven.

Both photo’s DC on the (l) and Mick Howells on the (r) pictures taken about 15 years apart!

Mary informs me that Dick never went ‘Grey’ and kept his ‘Beard’ most of his adult life.

A small collection of ‘my’ Four Bells Rum – I’ll have one for you Dick

Four Bells x 3

Four Bells x 3