Happy memories of Rolly Sisterson + Photo

RG & Rolly Sisterson I sailed with ‘Rolly’ Sisterson (Pud to some of his friends) twice in LOF, on
both occasions he organised many ‘social’ events, sometimes who build a
make shift Swimming Pool out of dunnage and scrap for everyone to enjoy.
We were stuck in the Persian Gulf for over 2 months in the heat, but to be
fair ‘Rolly’ gave the Engineers as much time out of the engine room as
On the second occasion we were stuck off Nigeria/Lomé for 122 days, but
prior to leaving Japan ‘Rolly’ bought a fantastic ‘Smit Lloyd Model Tug’
with big twin electric  motors.
He spend a couple of hundred hours on it. He informed me that he had
built one before – but on launch – it sank!…. This one was well tested  before
being put in any form of deep water.

Roy G with Rolland Sisterson 2007

After LOF I sailed with ‘Rolly’ on Stevie Clarkes, I was Radio & Electro Officer and would on many occasions be on two ships the same day, as Stevies didn’t carry an Elect/Off, any help I could give I would – and worked on many projects with him. However there was a ‘strict rule’ Stevies normally only carried a Ch & 2nd Eng….He would not do a night onboard if the ship was within 80 miles of his home! – had a 70cc Honda moped, max speed 40mph on a good day. He would knock off after Smoko at 15:30 and down the gangway he went. He would re-appear the next day sometime around morning ‘Smoko’ – claiming his day started at 08:00 at his house and travelling time was company time….It really didn’t leave much of the day to do any real work! – still I wasn’t complaining….

Roy Gerstner

Did you sail with Rolly…Do you have a memory/story to tell…..why not share it with us..