A Happy New Year 2015

I have enjoyed the last 16+ years since producing a simple but expensive printed Christmas News-Letter in 1998
(The year after LOF was sold). The website has ‘found’ a large number of ex employees ranging from the late 1930’s through to the last
employee in 1997. At times can be a bit labour intensive, but over the years easier as ‘most’ of the historical information has been found.

The one thing I can not do and I emphasise this is not a personal decision is get involved with litigation/compensation claims regarding ‘ill health or like’. I have been asked on dozens of occasions for information which is private to individuals and their families. I can sometimes pass you on to solicitors/lawyers who have dealt with ex employees and their families.

I was a simple employee of the company and had no part in its management. I am sorry if this decision has upset a few people in the past, but I have explained the reasoning.

Hopefully the website serves as a way of information and contact point – see our messageboard/forum to stay in touch with LOF people.

I am extremely grateful to the few sponsors who help to finance this site.

Roy G…..