Monthly archives: July 2020

Good to hear from you. We were living on Teesside when we attended the LOF Reunion, I was working for Corus/Tata Steel.I completed my work there in 2011 and returned to the US.¬†However, we are spending part of our year in France and loving it.The copy of the book is […]

Ex LOF Officer David Reid – Book

I was on the Overseas Ambassador.Lads I knew from college were Phil Marshall, a German lad named Gierhart (sorry, not sure of his full name), Rob Fullagher. I¬† am actually in contact with Rob on FB as I knew him and his now wife, Elsie, back when they first met […]

Paul Clay

After a hundred days of the partial lock-down – some are getting back to normal. Not here, we are still being ‘careful’ in what we are doing.My Council work and Neighbourhood Watch Group, have been busy delivering medicines/precriptions/food/parcels and organising doctors etc.Holidays were cancelled – but that said, we booked […]

Hope everyone is well