Paul Clay

I was on the Overseas Ambassador.
Lads I knew from college were Phil Marshall, a German lad named Gierhart (sorry, not sure of his full name), Rob Fullagher. I  am actually in contact with Rob on FB as I knew him and his now wife, Elsie, back when they first met at Shields.
I still have my papers, but they are tucked away in a ‘Memory Box’ for my girls, I can get access to it if required?
Rob can certainly vouch for me as we were good friends at the time.
Phil was in the same college class as me, I believe he lives in the South Shields area still.

After leaving the LOF, I served for 16 years as a Police Officer with Northumbria Police, then eventually retired as a Chef, specialising in Patisserie.

Anyway, hope this info is of use to you.
Paul (Clay)