Ex LOF Officer David Reid – Book

Good to hear from you. We were living on Teesside when we attended the LOF Reunion, I was working for Corus/Tata Steel.I completed my work there in 2011 and returned to the US. 
However, we are spending part of our year in France and loving it.
The copy of the book is shipping direct from Amazon, if you have a chance to review and can post a comment – that would be great.

David Reid MA AFNI
Managing Partner
Shackleton Partners, LLC
[email protected]

Eight Down reviews eight maritime casualties over forty-two years beginning with the loss of the Edmund Fitzgerald on Lake Superior in 1975 to the Stellar Daisy in 2017. As a former seafarer and member of the maritime profession for the past fifty years, all of the “Eight” have taken place during my watch. I have found resonance with my own experiences, that has sparked my curiosity. I explore the connective threads that will illustrate how these events are the consequence of what Professor James Reason has called the “Swiss Cheese Model.” I know from my own experience that there were many instances when I might have been but one step away from being a maritime casualty — is it luck? Or is it the awareness or raised consciousness of someone who acts before that last step occurs? I hope to provide insight into the management of change as it relates to safety and the avoidance of traveling through the final hole in a “Swiss Cheese.”