Monthly archives: March 2015

Every now and then ‘we’ get a bit of a shock, when someone notices a ship with what is an LOF type funnel and bow markings, Don Dunlop spied a couple in his capacity of Surveyor. Yesterdays news from Geoff Baskerville all the way from Freemantle came up with a […]

More Info on ‘ASTRA PERSEUS’

 I was driving through Fremantle, West Australia, the other day, whilst on holiday, and happened to glance over to the port and saw this funnel marking, the good old LOF one, yellow, white ,blue with a red star. My heart did quite a turn. As apprentices we used to get […]

News from Geoffrey Baskerville

    It was with delight that I found your LOF News website recently, and with        sadness that I learned that David Lloyd had passed away.  You will probably not        remember me, but I worked with Dave, booking flights, calling officers &        spouses ("He's coming home!" was always […]

Nicky Calvert (LOF Office)