Nicky Calvert (LOF Office)

Nicky Calvert 2014      It was with delight that I found your LOF News website recently, and with
       sadness that I learned that David Lloyd had passed away.  You will probably not
       remember me, but I worked with Dave, booking flights, calling officers &
       spouses ("He's coming home!" was always better than "He's going back to
       Sea!") at the Fetter Lane office during the above years, before they were taken
       over.  But I certainly remembered your name & rank! (Roy G)
       This morning before work I had some extra time so I drove by the beach in
       Vancouver, Canada where I now live, and saw once again all the vessels sitting
       in the bay waiting for a berth.  It got me thinking about LOF again and I
       wondered if anyone I knew was on any of the vessels.

 I didn't really have any close relationship with anyone as I was only there a short time, and in the office, but I would love it if you could pass on my best wishes to Bobby Fullagar for me!  Dave used to 'make' me sing "I want to be Bobby's girl" down the phone to him when he was at sea!
 Vel would probably remember me, since we were in the office at the same time.
 Anyway, thanks so much for keeping the news website going; I'm sure it means a lot to so many.
     Best wishes Nicky….