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Astra Perseus I was driving through Fremantle, West Australia, the other
day, whilst on holiday, and happened to glance over to the
port and saw this funnel marking, the good old LOF one,
yellow, white ,blue with a red star. My heart did quite a
turn. As apprentices we used to get Job and finish painting
the damn thing and as Mate, later Master used to watch
sparks flying out of it with the Doxford engined ships, not
very nice when loaded with the lighter crude and very little
wind to help the sparks over the side.


Enquires led me to put a name to the ship ASTRA PERSEUS, registered in the Marshall islands, built in 2012, owners ???suspect Kulukundis?? The pix was obviously taken whilst going through the Panama Canal. Could’nt see a house flag.

Anyone else got information on ASTRA PERSEUS !!!


Geoffrey Baskerville