More Info on ‘ASTRA PERSEUS’

Every now and then ‘we’ get a bit of a shock, when someone notices a ship with what is an LOF type funnel and bow markings, Don Dunlop spied a couple in his capacity of Surveyor.
Yesterdays news from Geoff Baskerville all the way from Freemantle came up with a new vessel.
There are many ‘tools’ on the internet now for obtaining information and tracking (In real time) vessels. Terry McLoughlin got in contact last night and I did a bit of digging myself.
Indeed the ‘ASTRA PERSEUS’ is operated by Pegasus Maritime of Athens (Piraeus) who has London Agents of Rethymnis & Kulukundis (They have a website – which has been ‘under construction’ for years!’) – It would appear that R&K’s are still active.
Here are some more photos…
Astra Perseus 5 Astra Perseus 4 Astra Perseus 3 Astra Perseus 2

Now of course if you spot or find any more R&K vessels please let me know….