Yearly archives: 2017

I am sorry to report the death of Ex Catering Officer Gordon Lazarus, he passed away sometime in September and news has only just filtered through. I will post a more in depth obituary after Christmas.

Gordon Lazarus

Connie and I are very lucky to be ‘cruising’ in the sunshine – Buss-mans Holiday. We’re also lucky here @ LOF News only to have ‘lost’ one or two old salts in the last year. A couple of mini-reunions during the year brought back fantastic memories  for all of us. […]

Christmas Greetings

Well, to summarise the last 30 odd years quite a tall order. I will keep it as short as I can. I was made redundant by LOF in 1985. However they owed me a lot of leave and study leave, and I took my Master’s ticket in Plymouth. I got the […]

Frank Sandford

I joined the ‘General Cargo Vessel’ Mv London Banker as a Navigating Cadet on the 20th September 1966. I shared a cabin with fellow Navigating Cadet Dermot O’Toole, Dermot had also done sea training at TS Indefatigable but didn’t remember him from there. We only overlapped for a short time, […]

Fantastic Meet-Up Keith McCart & Dermot O’Toole

My thanks to Peter Napier who at short notice managed to find a ‘few’ LOF friends to meet up with Connie and myself in Pitlochry Perthshire this last Sunday 23rd July. How well everyone looked considering some of the age these old sea dogs are now. A very happy few […]

Fantastic Few Hours – Get-together…

Connie & I are having a break this week (26th June) at Oulton Hall near Leeds. Ex LOF friend and Engineer Ray Appleyard living nearby, organised a meet up along with Roger and Lindsay Brancroft. A nice meet up with more than a few ‘Salty Stories’ exchanged. Connie and I […]

A Meet Up near Leeds