Fantastic Meet-Up Keith McCart & Dermot O’Toole

I joined the ‘General Cargo Vessel’ Mv London Banker as a Navigating Cadet on the 20th September 1966.
I shared a cabin with fellow Navigating Cadet Dermot O’Toole, Dermot had also done sea training at TS Indefatigable but didn’t remember him from there. We only overlapped for a short time, this was Dermots second ship and my first.
Click on Picture to enlarge…                                     Dermot O’Toole

We said goodbye after 10 months, leaving the London Banker in New York on 9th July 1967

I met up with Dermot who lives on the Isle of Man – in Lancaster October 2017 just over 50 years after last seeing each other. Dermot is not long retired after a very long career at sea, finishing as Master.

Keith McCart clearing snow in New York 1967            London Banker

Dermot O’Toole (Oct 2017)            Keith McCart & Demot O’Toole (Oct 2017)

l-r Ann (Keiths wife), Dermot O’Toole and
partner Ann