Meet Up – Harrogate 25th & 26th August

Connie and I are staying at the Holiday Inn Harrogate from the 24th to 28th August.
Part of my visiting will be to hopefully spend some time with Ex Radio Officer and later E&EO Dick Cunningham, who is still recovering from a ‘serious’ stroke he had some 18th months ago.
Whilst I am waiting to finalise the meeting, I thought maybe a meet up of our Ex LOF friends would be in order.
I’ve sent some e-mails out and am waiting for responses, however Ron Todd and Adrian Cook have so far responded and said they will probably make it for the 25th & 26th, so it looks like, if you would like to meet up, then the evening/dinner maybe at the HI on the evening of the 25th may be best…. Naturally looking forward to meeting up with ‘Old Salts’