Captain Rodman Bell Tarbuck – Farewell

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Tarbuck Farewell 00          GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

LOF Personnel (l-r) Bob Blake, Bob Mayman, Gwen Cartwright, Paul Cartwright, Roy Gerstner, Charles Cornish, Connie Gerstner, Bob Stinchcombe, Margaret Stinchcombe, Mick Howells, Gwyn Howells, Keith Cederholm, Barbara Cederholm. We exchanged a ‘few’ salty stories at the Black Horse across the road from the church. A wonderful send off for a very respected Master Mariner. Jeannie, Kyra and Shaja made us so very welcome to join with them at this time of sorrow. I can tell you – although ‘Tarbie’ had been very ill – he died peacefully.


The LOF Wreath – with thanks to Keith & Barbarba Cederholm, Campbell Dobie, Bob & Margaret Stinchcombe, Bob Bruce, Roy & Connie Gerstner, Barbara March + A.N. Other (anonymous)


BGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA   Tarbuck Farewell 21A Tarbuck Farewell 19A Tarbie 2010-05      Capt T & Mrs K 1977     Tarbie B&W 07

Wales-04 Tarbuck Farewell 17A  0072A
Picture taken Wales 2004          Picture taken Heswall 2015        Reunion 2004

Besides the LOF Anchor Wreath, we have made donation to Cancer Research UK.

Tarbie 2010-13

Capt R. Tarbuck R.I.P. 05th October 1930 – 1st July 2015