Bob Stinchcombe RIP

Arrangements for Bob’s funeral are as follows:-
Date :- Thursday 07th May 2020
Time:- 13:30
Place:- Baglan South Wales
Note:- Due to Corvid-19 lock-down only family able to attend.

I have arranged on behalf of all Bob’s friends, shipmates and LOF collegues,
our usual Floral Anchor Wreath along with a large Red Ensign, this is in consultation with Bob’s daughter.
Bob will be laid out in his Chief Engineers uniform.

I would like to thank all who have contacted me and offered to support the above.

Happy times I would always like to remember ‘Happy Times’ and here are a couple of photo’s.

Bob S, Gwyn H, Margart S & RG 2003
Gwyn H, Connie G & Margart S 2003
Bob S, Gwyn H, Margaret S & RG 2003