Welcome back Kenny Maclennan

I rediscovered your LOF website today while I was searching the web for something completely unrelated to shipping!

Originally from Spean Bridge in the West Highlands, I went to Glasgow Nautical College before going to sea with LOF. I was an Engine cadet on the Victory in 1992 and then the Spirit in 93. First trip qualified was on the Pride in ’94, then the Enterprise in ’95.I was then 4th Engineer on the Spirit up to October ’97.

After LOF I spent my redundancy money playing on sailing boats! I did a round the world yacht race in 1998 -99. I met my wife Jacky along the way and we were married in 2000. A 6 week relieving trip in the Falklands and then a short stint on P&O cross channel ferries followed before I took a shore job with a company in Southampton as a Service Engineer. It was only supposed to be a temporary job but I stayed for 13 years!!

I have had a change of career now though. I qualified as a Paramedic last year and now work for South Central Ambulance Service based in Southampton.

Jacky and I have an almost 17 yr old daughter. In a few weeks she will be the age I was when I went to college, I am not sure how that has happened!!

I have enjoyed going through the web site. I am sorry to hear of the passing of some of my previous ship mates (Tarby and Malcolm Cuthburt in particular), but that is inevitable with the passing of time.

Stay safe and I look forward to hearing from you when you get a chance.

Kind regards,

Kenny MacLennan