20 Years of LOF News

I appologise for the ‘thin’ postings on the LOF News Web.
After 20 years, the ‘news’ dribbling in is sparse to say the least.
All the historical information is 99% there and it is a sad fact that we are all getting older.
Every year we loose a few more of our old ship-mates and friends.
Connie & I travel quite extensively and I am involved in 11 community projects in my home town.
I have been an ‘Independent Councillor’ on and off for a number of years, and I am back for another 4 year stint. (My agreement is that I/we do go away but I am always contactable and have a good core of supporters who look after things whilst we are away)

If you are interested in what I am up too I have another website:-
I am proud to have had well over 1 million ‘hits’

Naturally if you have any ‘stories’ or news please send to me.

Many thanks to those who ‘sponsor/donate to help the costs of running this site…
It is a hobby of mine anyway – it all helps.

Mr. Noris Jackson's Pride and Glory

      Mr. Noris Jackson’s Pride and Glory

Someone asked about Ex MD/Superintendent
Noris Jackson, he is keeping very well,

will be 88 this year, still owns The Bentley and potters about his extensive workshop.
He is not quite the oldest in group.