Memorial London Valour 2020

London Valour


On the 9th April 2020 will be the 50th Anniversary of the loss of
London Valour with the loss of 20 lives.
If you look back at News / Archive News / 2010 you will see what we did in 2010
I have have a number of contacts asking me – what is planned for 2020 the 50th
I have had contact with Mr Eric Hill (Grand-son of Radio Offer Eric Hill /London Valour)
who I am hoping will be the main contact point and organiser (like 2010) for this coming event.
It is still early days, unfortunatatly since the 2010 event I suffered another accident which has restricted my mobility, I do drive and we do go away frequently, but I walk aided with crutches and my left foot is in pain. I am unsure at this time whether I will be part of those who may go out to Genoa. I will decide later on.
If you want any further information from myself or Eric Hill, please contact me.

[email protected]