Apologies – Not been well – Now better

Sorry again for being somewhat quiet – had a cruise planned for the Caribbean with TUI/Thomson now called Marella Cruises on there ‘newest’ (17 year old) Marella Discovery II.
Unfortunately took out a stinking rotten cold and the mother of all flu’s which from day 1 on the ship became ‘Bronchia Pneumonia’ which I was stuck with the whole two weeks…me and a few others – fortunately not put in hospital but ships doctor cost me £142 for a few ‘pills’ which didn’t do much good.
Anyway – somewhat recovered during January and now firing on all cylinders.
I’ll update with a couple of posts in a few minutes – all sad new I am afraid.

Thomsons/Tui/Marella Cruises – Discovery II Rated 5.5/10
Ex LOF 2nd Mate/Chief Off Hugh Maynard is one of the senior masters with the group.
Maybe someone can let me know if he is still living in Jackson Hole USA?