News December 2016

40th-wedding-inv-01 Not a great deal of ‘new’ news – so I’ll post up what Connie & I have been  up too. We have come on our annual extended holidays out to the Far
East  – something we have done for a number of years, get away from
the bleak, grey, miserable British winters.
To begin we started in Kuala Lumpur, where we stayed and had a party
at ‘The Majestic’ in KL. Friends from home joined us for our 40th Wedding
Anniversary and a good time had by all – we remained at The Majestic for
another 6 days.


eoWe then moved to the Island of Penang – where I first visited on my first trip
to sea in 1971 (Butterworth). We stayed at the very impressive Eastern & Oriental (E&O) in Georgetown and got to know the General Manager Richard
Evans from Dublin quite well – absolute bliss – and certainly on our return list hopefully next year.
Here we met with many friends from people back home.
The weather was perfect and hoh the food out of this world.
A short walk to the ‘Hawkers Market’ where a main course costs
around M$5:40 about UK 1:00 cheap by anyones pocket.

eo-chaplin  161208-eo-farquars  161209-eo-02

Famous People!    Christmas Carols!        Room with a view

golden-sands-shangri-la-02 Friends went back to the UK – Now at the Shangri -La
on Ferringhi Beach/Penang Nice resort but much noisier than
the other hotels.
Leave tomorrow back to K.L. for a few days then off to our
usual retreat in Southern Phuket for Christmas and New Year.
Hope to meet with Ex LOF Deck Officer Keith McCart whilst there –

So wishing all a very Marry Christmas, a Prosperous and Healthy New Year – where-ever you may be…..


161208-celebration   161209-eo-01   161208-eo-01   161202-21

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