Ben Killeen (R.I.P.)

It is with great sadness to inform our shipmates, friends, and colleagues of the death of
Ben Killeen.

Ben was a Radio Officer with LOF, having sailed with Marconi and when LOF employed their R/O’s direct Ben transferred over around 1958.

I have covered some history of Ben in the past, but to recap – he was born in Southern Ireland (Eire) on the 14th January 1923 he died on the 2nd June 2016 aged 93

Killeen 1946 discharge cert 1A  Marconi Advert 01 (2) 0043A

Ben K – Seamans ID 1946    Went to Sea 1943                      Ben & RG @ LOF Reunion

Ben K 2014Madeleine, Ben & RG in 2013 he was so so pleased to meet
up with me.
We had around 4 hours of going over ‘old times’ – when we
departed he insisted in giving me a bottle of Irish Whiskey
(Note the spelling difference?)
He was still in good ‘spirits’ – a bit wobbly on his legs, but
at 90 years of age had a very good memory.

I received a letter on our return from our tour of Alaska and Canada a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately another very good friend of ours passed away a few days after we got home.
I am the administrator & Executor of her affairs – and that’s why the delay in posting.

Madeleine informed me that Ben remained at home, even though his legs had packed up,
his hearing and eyesight also starting to fade.

‘Ben had a great long life and enjoyed his retirement to the full – fishing, walking and his dog ‘Sailor”

Ben would send me a letter every year at Christmas up until a few years ago, it was on his faithful typewriter, which he would take to sea with him – unfortunately he hadn’t put a ribbon in it for over 20 years, and to say the print was somewhat faded – well I could read the indentations?

A trusted, well respected, loved character, work colleague, friend and one of the last ‘Morse Code’ men.
R.I.P. Ben – I still have the Bottle of Whiskey – and one day will enjoy the dram with you.