Good Meet-Up …..

J&J + RG 160516-01A   On our recent holidays to the West Country/Newquay and surrounding
areas, it was good to pay lightening visits to a few Ex LOF friends and
shipmates who we haven’t seen for a while.

If we missed you – sorry we only had limited time and don’t like to
impose for too long.

First on our way South was Capt Jeremy and Jane Attwater, who are
both keeping very well. Jeremy had 10 years as a surveyor and then 10
years at the Hydrographic Office before retiring.

He keeps very fit – walks a lot, in fact he has walked the whole of the
Welsh Coastline (Not all at once) – he is now doing parts of the Scottish
Coast. They caravan to many places around the UK.

JP & RG 160518-01A   Next meet up was with Capt (Farmer) John Peters, who again is very fit
and well. After Deep Sea, John was a part time Channel and North Sea
Pilot. John keeps Beef Stock for fattening and wife Julia is about to retire
from being Doctor later this year.
John enjoys the outside life with his dogs and shooting.
They are off to France for a wedding in the near future.
DM & RG 160520-02A
Finally after a detour into the ‘Sticks’ we met briefly with Ex LOF Engineer Davie Murch, who is
still gainfully employed – working for ‘ERIKS’ who do most of the work for SouthWest Water.
Davie works mainly on the Dirty side/Sewage? but enjoys his job.
He is 60 and plans to do another year or two before retiring.
Married to Dawn for 25 years, he has lived most of his life in Bideford.

Again apologies to anyone who lives in the South West – our holiday was a last minute plan.