Not A Lot of News….

Apologies, not a lot of news recently, we having returned from our extended Winter break in Thailand and Malaysia – back to the cold again.
Our thanks for the Christmas cards, we missed some as we went away 16th December.
Spoke with Ex Ch/Eng Bob Stinchcombe this week, he and Margaret are keeping Okay, Bob is undergoing Skin cancer treatment, been back and forth for a number of years.
He informs me that Mick & Gwyn Howells are off on a Months Cruise, and that Rita Walker (Di Walker Ex 2nd/Eng) is also travelling quite a bit.
Our next ‘BIG’ vacation will be 5 weeks out to Alaska and British Columbia/Canada, including a cruise with ‘Princess’ all part of our 40th Wedding Anniversary celebrations which is actually in December.

A few birthdays recently, Bob Fullagar, Ronny Aird, Alan Sinclair and George Pringle coming up, George looking good for 77….