Pleasant meet up – Harrogate

Merchant Naby DayWhat a nice meet up with LOF friends, Roger & Lindsay Bancroft, who live just up the road from the Holiday Inn,
Ron & Audrey Todd – who just came back from Torquay and live in Barton-on-Humber, Adrian & Wendy Cook who live in Middlesborough, Myself and Connie.

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Harrogate 15-02A   Ron Todd 01     Harrogate 15-04A

(l-r) Lindsay B, Wendy C, Roy G, Adrian C,     Ron Todd         Adrian & Wendy C, Connie G
Ron & Audrey T & Roger B

Ron, Audrey, Adrian & Wendy + Ourselves, enjoyed an ‘expensive’ Tea & Cake @ Bettys
the following afternoon.

We unfortunately did not meet/visit Dick Cunningham, who is still on the road to recovery from his ‘Stroke’ – getting there…..
Connie & I were also planning to visit ex Cat Off Gordon Lazarus, but again, Gordon is just out of hospital and is in recovery mode.

Gordon Lazarus 1A Gordon L Casablanca
Gordon L – Happy Days…..

Our next journey/road trip is to the ‘Outer Hebrides’ I do not know of any Ex LOF personnel in these Islands….unless you know otherwise….