Brian Harvey – Further News…

Hello Roy,
A delayed response but thanks for the few names you came up with from those times.
I guess because the radio room was usually just behind the bridge, I probably would remember more deck officers than engineering.  Actually, I became a ‘ Sparks ‘ by default really as I wanted to be a deck officer but my short sightedness prevented that (you couldn’t navigate and wear glasses then) and wasn’t practical enough to be an engineer so that only that position remained – but more time off in port because of that !  I do remember though Tom Shearer, a 3rd engineer who became a good friend.  He actually visited me in Paignton some years ago and had left the sea to run a post office in his home county of Northumberland but we’ve lost touch since.

I’ve had various businesses since leaving the sea in 1962 including working in the Falkland Islands setting up a shellfish factory in the late Eighties but it did not prove viable.  A taxi company was the last enterprise but I think my finest career was retirement at 65, 14 years ago now !

Good luck with continuing the website.

Kind regards, Brian H.