Tony Baldwin

Sent from my iPadi am an old seafarer who joined LOF with a brand new  masters ticket in 1960.’

It’s evident from the messages and photos on your excellent website that there’s a few out there who may remember me. My name is Tony Baldwin and I sailed in various vessels as 1st mate until I left the sea in 1964. I must say my memories of the company were happy ones, and the various shipmates a great bunch. The last master I sailed with was Donald Muir whose sad end came as a great surprise. Another master was captain Osler who fell overboard one evening while the ship was heading up the Red Sea. By a minor miracle he was seen by a German Shell Tanker sailing astern of us. He managed to arrive in Suez before we did, and was reported to be in excellent health and already in transit back to the UK, I have managed to reach the grand old age of 82 without any major hiccups, am married with two children and associated off-spring. After leaving the sea I earned a crust by buying a newsagents and rising very early! Hope that this is of some interest to you, and that there may be an old shipmate who could get in touch. Cheerio for now.